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   Research & Development
   While SinoApex places greatest emphasis on the practical, sales-oriented aspects of product development, we also look to the future with basic research aimed at obtaining purer, more potent nutraceutical and pharmaceutical ingredients from medicinal plants. From Nature's medicine chest, we select an herb long known for its effectiveness. We then search traditional and modern literature to identify its most effective ingredients, and for assurance of safety. These ingredients are then purified and incorporated into an easy-to-take dosage form to make the next SinoApex super products.

   SinoApex begins with a knowledge of the traditional medicinal uses of various plants. This information is then cross-checked against the results of literature searches for previously discovered biological activity, chemical constituents, and other reported medicinal uses. When SinoApex identifies a medicinal plant for its therapeutic target, it isolates and identifies a pure, active, patentable compound from the plant extract.

   Because these plant extracts have a long history of use in humans, as food or traditional medicines, SinoApex has a strong indication that the isolated compound is safe and effective.

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