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   Quality Control System:

Our quality objective is, meet and exceed the clientele's requirements.The whole manufacturing practice carried out by complying with GMP requirements is our bottom line. The attainment of this quality objective is our responsibility and it requires the participation and commitment by staff in all departments and at all levels within the our company, by our suppliers and distributors. For the achievement of quality objective, we have comprehensively designed and correctly implemented system of Quality Assurance incorporating Good Manufacturing Practice and thus Quality Control. Full documentation has been established and effectively executed. All parts of the Quality Assurance system have been adequately resourced with competent personnel, suitable and sufficient premises, equipment and facilities.

Our Quality Management Process:
Starting Material
Starting materials are inspected and tested in our in-house laboratories to ensure only fine quality ingredients are used in the products.
After testing and documentation are complete, the order is prepared for our Quality Control release and sent to production.

The manufacturing process is continuously monitored by Quality Assurance inspectors to ensure good manufacturing standards are maintained throughout the process.

Finished Product
Every batch of finished product is inspected and tested.
Results of testing are reported in the Certificate of Analysis submitted to clients for each batch of product produced.
Finished product is released for packaging which where is identified with a unique lot number for traceability of each supplement.
Packaged products undergo final inspection before being released for shipping.

    Besides, We also accomplish quality process by conducting:
Rigorous internal audits
Stability studies
Equipment and process validation tests
Environmental monitoring
Water quality compliance studies

  Along with a state-of-art manufacturing system we have remained committed to using the finest ingredients. Our quality systems ensure that all of the products we procure, ranging from common ingredients to the rare ones, are of the highest quality as possible.

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